The best thing that happened to me this summer was watching my kids pass their swim test so they could participate in aquatics camp.  It was a really hard test for them because it was a long lake swim.  They prepared in swim lessons for weeks ahead of time, but that was at the pool.  I was very excited that all of that hard work really did help them, and they had an excellent time at camp thanks to that effort!


What about you?  What was the best thing that happened to you this summer?

Tu Día del Santo

Every day of the year, people in Spain, Latin America and other parts of the word celebrate a Saint’s Day. If you share that name (or a derivation of that name), you may celebrate your Saint’s Day–a lot like your birthday! Wouldn’t that be great?
It’s a Catholic tradition to celebrate your Name Day in Spanish-speaking countries, but it’s become a common part of the greater culture.
Do you know when your «Name Day» (Saint’s Day) is? Try to find out if you have a Name Day. You might have to be a detective. For example, if your name is Cathleen (like our very own Sra. Sheridan), you might look up Katherine because that is the origin of the name. Or if your name is Michelle (Mme. Harradine’s name is Michelle!), your Name Day is actually the feast of St. Michael, September 29. Sra. Allison Drew uses her middle name, Joan, for her name day. Sra. Carole Rosenberg could use «Karol,» a form of «Charles.»
If you can’t find a Name Day, tell us why your name is special!
Enlaces útiles – HELPFUL LINKS (List of Catholic Saints) (List of name days from around the world)